Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emotional Music

Emo is a genre of music that originated from hardcore punk and later adopted pop punk influences when it became mainstream in the United States.
The genre of EMO, or Emotional, music has been around for longer then many people seem to believe. Originating in Washington, D.C in the early 80’s, Emo music is now listened to and played by millions of sensitive teens all over the world. The typical Emo fan may be described as a boy who wears tight jeans, dyed black hair, and black fingernail polish, but this is not what Emo is all about. Emo is about the music, and the music only. Emotional music is extremely lyrically centered. The song lyrics are often overflowing with anger, happiness, and sadness, but almost every song is about the sensation of love.

Fall For YOU

Emo Band

Second Hand Serenade
Matchbook Romance
Moss Icon
of Caterpillar
Rites of Spring
Poison the Well
The Rocket Summer
Tommorow's Last Hero
Senses Fail

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